Thanks for contacting MGP,LLC. and Pommel Trainers we will be unavailable from August 21, 2017 until September 6, 2017 preparing our facility for the upcoming competition season.  Please feel free to leave a message, will be in touch after September 6, 2017.  Thanks for all your support. 

Tina Kolacki

Tina Kolacki -  I have been a Mom of a gymnast for 10 years.


Call me with any questions that you may have.   If you are in Indiana and local,  I will try to deliver so their is no shipping charge.  Otherwise, we ship only USPS mail or through Greyhound Shipping Express.  Since our item is large,  shipping can be quite expensive.  So Greyhound is the best choice usually around $30.00-$45.00 to ship to your local Greyhound in 3-5 days then you pick up at your local station.  Or USPS usually around 75.00 (more for California or western states) for 2-9 days.  Call me I can give you a quote.  If you have any other questions, please call me my number is 317-746-9889. Email me at: and I will give you a detailed quote. (There is a discount for shipping multiple ones on Greyhound).

Training Equipment


Our Product is made of a high impact ABS plastic base and has a vinyl clad foam padded top.  It is also marine grade so it can withstand the outside temperatures hot or cold.   We even left one outside for a year in the winter without any effects.

Mushroom Gym Products, LLC.  and Pommel Trainers proudly presents Boys Gymnastic Mushrooms/Pommel Trainers for Home and Gym Use.We started this company in 2009.  We wanted to make a good quality training equipment for less so that gymnasts could practice at home.

We started sellling our product at several meets in Illinois and Michigan.  Now we are selling mostly on our website or on Ebay.  Everyone we sell to lets us know that it has helped their son tremendously and their score has gone up 1 point. We sell these all over the US including Alaska and this year to Austrailia.

The mushroom is great for extra practice doing circles and flares when they are not at the gym or on vacation from school.  It also makes a  gift for the gymnast. Email us: MGPRODUCTS64@GMAILCOM or

317-746-9889 anytime Monday-Sunday.